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We're hiring a UX/UI designer and generalist

Do you want to use your designs skills for Good? Would you like to be part of an employee-managed, non-hierarchical organisation for social benefit? If so, join us!


EvalC3 - Analyse M&E Data

EvalC3: a tool to help investigate causes of success and failure in development aid projects.


Low bandwidth asset management in Django

When developing low bandwidth sites, we must pay particular attention to the size and number of assets we include on a page...

How we work


On time & budget with Agile

The agile methodology allows for delivery of well tested, functional code or features within short time frames. This concept places the solution in the hands of the user sooner rather than later and hence allows for rapid feedback from the user for timely incorporation. Read more

We are experts in your sector

Aptivate has over 10 years of experience within the International development sector. We understand the challenges, pressures and constraints you may face in your projects and have worked with many NGOs and development agencies around the world. Read more

Building what your users need

We run participatory user experience workshops which bring stakeholders and users together in a productive and safe space to encourage cooperation and informed decision-making to ensure the system reflects the reality of their needs. Read more


Performing in low bandwidth areas

Everything Aptivate produces is built to be usable by people living in developing countries - online or offline, often using poor quality technology, over low bandwidth and intermittent internet connections. Read more

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An open sourced, web based Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) product for development projects and organisations.

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