The Digital Agency for International Development

Tools and resources

This is where you can find links to useful open source code, resources and tools that we have created.

e-consensus - helping make your organisation more participatory

If you use consensus or consent-based decisions in your organisation, or would like to adopt more democratic and participatory ways of working, e-consensus is a tool we built and use internally at Aptivate to help mirror these practices online. Sign-up for a free account.

Evaluating Digital Citizen Engagement: A Practical Guide

A guide exists to help you evaluate and assess the extent that digital tools have contributed to citizen engagement. As well as help with understanding the impact that the technology has had on those engagement processes.

UX discovery workshop activities

We have created a series of User Experience (UX) workshop activities and training notes, aimed at guiding workshop facilitators through a technology project discovery process.

Open source code

We believe in creating software that is available for everyone to use and improve.

Web design guidelines

We have written a set of Web Design Guidelines for Low Bandwidth, at a time when web site optimisation seems to be going out of fashion.