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CBM & Mobility India - Mobile data collection

Accessible field mobile data collection tools for Indian NGO working with disabled people in rural areas (15 iterations)

Jan 2013 to Jan 2014



Aptivate developed a tool which allows visually impaired field workers to collect data using mobile phones. The field workers record how many people there are with disabilities in a particular area and the support they currently have. This data is presented on a web-based reporting dashboard that allows local and overseas program managers to analyse the data, and thus better serve the needs of the community and empower community members.



CBM UK and Mobility India work internationally with disabled and vulnerable children, adults and families.



This project used an agile process with 15 iterations and released in two phases. Before the first release we conducted testing in India with the end users of the mobile data collection interface.



We set up an instance of Commcare and created surveys to collect data about individuals living with disabilities, their households and memberships of self-help groups or after-school clubs.

The surveys were programmed into Nokia 302 feature phones, which were chosen for their relatively long battery life and availability in-country.

We built a Django web application to pull the survey data from Commcare, aggregate it into key indicators and display it in a dashboard. The data could be viewed at different levels - from gram panchayat to village to household to individual.